Getting Started

SWITCH provides a systematic method to help schools develop strategies to plan, implement, and sustain school wellness programs. Programming costs for SWITCH ($500) provide the following lines of support to enrolled schools:

  • Access to a powerful web-based platform that allows schools and students can track progress over time
  • A network of 4H leaders who assist in supporting school implementation and wellness programming
  • Resources and training needed to plan and sustain school wellness programming in a way that works best for schools and their local system


Funding from the USDA has allowed us to waive the programming costs for schools during the pilot phases of development and we are pleased to be able to offer this same option for the 2019/2020 iteration of SWITCH. We are also offering a limited number of supplemental $500 Mini Grants to cover other costs related to implementing SWITCH (e.g. special events / incentives / resources).

Enrollment in SWITCH (along with applications for the associated Mini Grant program) is handled through the associated 4-H SWITCH web page. Schools are encouraged to visit the links to sign up for SWITCH as soon as possible since there are a limited number of Mini Grants available. Additional funding may become available through other groups or directly from county extension offices through the ‘Adopt a School’ program. Details on supplemental funding will be provided later as information becomes available.

Please Note: Funding from USDA will not be available in subsequent years so schools should consider ways to find local support to cover programming costs in future years.