Welcome to SWITCH!

SWITCH is a "School Wellness Integration Targeting Child Health." SWITCH is an innovative program designed to help children to "Switch what they Do, View, and Chew!" This slogan highlights the three key goals of the program -- helping youth to increase their physical activity, decrease their screen time, and increase their daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.

The specific goals of the program are to:

         Switch UP to 60 minutes or more of physical activity a day.
         Switch DOWN to 2 hours or less of screen time (TV, internet, video games, computer) a day.
         Switch UP to 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

SWITCH is managed through schools using teams of at least three individuals with an interest in optimizing student and school wellness.  A unique and important element of SWITCH is that the program is adapted by each school to fit their unique wellness needs using the schools unique availability of a variety of resources.  This ensures that schools are making the decisions about how to improve wellness at their school and deciding what is feasible and important to them to implement.

Schools are guided through completing assessments of their school wellness environments and student health behaviors to provide a comprehensive School Wellness Report for their school.  The report provides schools with important information that can help guide their wellness programming, identify strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate if changes have been effective over time.  This feedback is important to provide confirmation to school wellness leaders and school administrators that their investment in school wellness is resulting in positive changes, or to recognize if alternative or additional modifications to school wellness may be necessary.  Schools are also provided with access to evidence-based modules for classroom activities, lunchroom landscapes, and Quality PE programming that they are able to utilize within their school. 

SWITCH is an integrated approach to school wellness that aims to engage an entire school system in creating and supporting a healthy school wellness approach. 

Is your school ready to make a Switch? Contact us at iowaswitch@gmail.com for more information.