Welcome to SWITCH!

SWITCH ("School Wellness Integration Targeting Child Health") is an innovative school wellness program designed to help children to "Switch what they Do, View, and Chew!" This slogan highlights the three key goals of the program to help students to:

         Switch UP to 60 minutes or more of physical activity a day.
         Switch DOWN to 2 hours or less of screen time a day.
         Switch UP to 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

SWITCH is managed by school staff using a coordinated team-based approach.  At least three school staff members with an interest in optimizing student and school wellness create a plan on how to improve their school function and culture towards wellness by engaging students, parents, colleagues, and administrators in the process.  Schools are provided a unique set of resources to carry out SWITCH and get access to a Community of Practice to hear about and talk with other schools that are "Making the SWITCH!"  The across-school communication helps to spark ideas and find ways to overcome common barriers in school to wellness. 

A unique and important element of SWITCH is that the program is adapted by each school to fit their unique wellness needs using the schools unique availability of a variety of resources.  This ensures that schools are making the decisions about how to improve wellness at their school and deciding what is feasible and important to them to implement.

The school resource kit includes evidence-based modules for classroom activities, lunchroom landscapes, and Quality PE programming, SWITCH trinkets and bracelets, and fun, interactive classroom, hallway, lunchroom, and PE posters with SWITCH stickers!

To learn more about SWITCH, visit our Extension and 4-H partner website.  Have questions about SWITCH?  Email us at iowaswitch@iastate.edu.  Registration for SWITCH 2017-18 is closed, but it is not too early to sign up for SWITCH 2018-19.  Just send us an email!