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SWITCH is an innovative school-based program designed to help children to "Switch what they DO, VIEW, and CHEW!".  This  slogan highlights the three key goals of the program -- helping youth to increase their physical activity, decrease their screen time, and increase their daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.

The specific goals of the program are to:

         Switch UP to 60 minutes or more of physical activity a day.
         Switch DOWN to 2 hours or less of screen time (TV, internet, video games, computer) a day.
         Switch UP to 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

The program is managed through participatory research agreements with schools. Once registered, schools are able to set up and manage their own SWITCH programs. Information about the process is provided below.  

Parent Registration

This year we have upgraded to an online tracker that makes it even easier for parents to keep track of their points. Parents can register their child and set up a personalized account to receive all of the information about the SWITCH program. The registration will allow the school SWITCH team (and the ISU project team) to send program updates/reminders and provide suggestions to help your child stay on track while making the SWITCH. School coordinators will also use this tool to distribute prizes for kids that are meeting their goals!
If you are a parent, please click the link below to register and login to your SWITCH account. 

School Registration

SWITCH is managed through the ISU Community Campus Partnership for Health (www.ccph.iastate.edu), an outreach program managed by the Department of Kinesiology at Iowa State University. Schools interested in running SWITCH can visit the Physical Activity Lab website and download / submit the registration forms to get started. Once registered, the SWITCH team will create a customized interface for the school and provide ancillary support in carrying out the program. Each school will be able to customize the program to make it work best for their particular setting. 


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The 2015 edition of SWITCH will begin on Feburary 2, 2015!

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please feel free to contact the SWITCH team at iowaswitch@gmail.com. Direct inquiries about the overall program can also be directed to Dr. Greg Welk, the project leader from the Department of Kinesiology at Iowa State University - gwelk@iastate.edu)