Teacher Information

Hello Teachers!  We are excited that your school is choosing to participate in SWITCH.  SWITCH is an evidence-based program designed to work with schools to provide students with health school environments where students are surrounded with opportunities to make fun and easy healthy choices throughout the school day.

The classroom serves as the SWITCH "hub" where students can track School Switches (in the gym, cafeteria, classroom, or playground) on the classroom SWITCH poster. It is also where students receive a SWITCH Trinket every week to remind and encourage them to make healthy choices.  More information about this is provided in the SWITCH Kit Teacher's Guide which is sent to SWITCH schools and can be found on the Community of Practice.  The classroom is also a place where schools can encourage kids to be active!  Including activity or brain breaks can help students get rid of those jitters, get some energy out, and be better prepared to learn important classroom material.  The SWITCH Classroom module is full of fun lessons that were designed by a classroom teacher, dietitian, and Iowa State faculty member, Dr. Spyridoula Vazou.

Teachers play a significant role in SWITCH.  Research has shown that highly engaged teachers are very successful in influencing student participation in SWITCH.  In fact, next to parents, teachers are some of the most important role models in kids' lives!  How awesome is that?