Parent Information

Hello parents!

SWITCH is evidence-based school wellness program that is managed through schools, but also focuses on improving home environments too.  Parents with students participating in SWITCH are invited to participate in a variety of ways. Most importantly, parents can assist their child in entering their Do, View, and Chew behaviors on the website each week. They can also help their students make Switches. Switches happen when kids make an intentional healthy choice that they don't already make regularly.  For example, if you normally walk the dog, but tonight your child asks to tag along to get some extra activity. That's a Switch! Children will be able to select different Switches presented on the website each week to complete, but you can encourage (and help) them to make other healthy choices too!

Parents can also engage with the SWITCH program by seeing if there are ways you can get involved in the school's SWITCH programming. Maybe you can help the school develop or carry out plans for a Walking School Bus. Fun! Some schools can really use help from parents in wellness programming due to limited time or funding.  However, some parents may also have expertise to offer Do, View, or Chew recommendations, support, and assistance.

Schools can use support from parents with anything to offer regarding wellness. Even if you may not be a wellness expert, you might work at a community organization that has something they could offer the schools to support wellness initiatives. That's another unique way parents can support their child's school in creating the healthiest school environment possible for our children.