Core Team Leaders/ Members Information

Hello SWITCH Core Teams!

We are excited that you've decided to enroll your school in SWITCH! You’re pursuit of health and wellness for your students will make a difference in your school and your student's lives!

SWITCH Core Teams are a source of support and encouragement for any school or staff needs with launching SWITCH.  They have a significant role to ensure the program is delivered effectively, but also adapted to fit the needs of their school.  Core Team leaders are responsible for completing and overseeing the completion of the school and students assessments.  These assessments are valuable evaluation components that can help identify change in the school, but that can also assist the school in completing elements of the USDA's Final Rule. 

In addition, Core Teams distribute and train staff to use the SWITCH Kit components, and the classroom, PE, and Lunchroom modules, and the Community of Practice web resource.  Core Teams also help to setup and train teachers and students to use the SWITCH tracker website where students and classes track their behaviors during the program to earn fun trinkets and badges! Core Teams also facilitate SWITCH team meetings to discuss progress with SWITCH, other school wellness initiatives, and to establish school wellness goals.  Finally, Core Teams keep communication at a high level to facilitate implementation and understanding between themselves and their wellness team, teachers, and school administrators to support the potential for success of SWITCH in their school.